You have any questions? We might have an answer for you here, it might sound like it´s for dummies but these are the frequently asked questions we receive day by day.

1. Do you have this watch on stock?

We don´t and in fact no dealer keeps watches on stock unless it is a highly demanded new release. Once we got your payment we will source the watch for you in one or two days. To answer to this question precisely it is very difficult as we might receive the same question from several other buyers at the same time.

How much is the price of this watch?

Many of you are asking the price of the watch which listed. The price is there...

How much is the shipping cost?

You have all the info here on our website

Do you send QC pictures before the payment?

No. We do not send QC before receiving the payment. Why? Because: please see the answer to the question number 1

Can you send my watches fast?

There is no such a thing as ¨fast¨ dealer