Terms & Conditions:

By purchasing from our website it means that you know the fact about our products that they are replicas, and in no way we are advertising them as genuine.

1. - We do not accept returns or exchanges.

2. - We repair the watches in CHINA for the aftersale service, not in EU. We cannot pay your repair costs in case if you decide to fix a faulty watch at your local watchsmith. However for our best returning customers from the EU we offer aftersales service upon agreeement.

3. - When a watch is returned for repair, it must be properly packed, by airmail with tracking number, and shipping costs are payed by the buyer. We are not responsible if your returned watch was not delivered to us. We return your repaired watch by registered airmail from China free of charge* and we cannot guarantee the delivery by registered airmail.

4. - Once your package is shipped and you have a valid tracking number, we don´t have any kind of control above the delivery time and we are not responsible for any delay but the shipping companies. Please don´t confuse the delays caused by the shipping companies with the service of the dealer.

5. - If the package was returned to us because after an attempted delivery nobody went to pick it up, in these cases the buyer pays the shipping cost again.

6. - If package is not delivered or seized by the customs we will give you a refund or re-ship your package at no cost. Please note that shipping costs are non refundable. We are not responsible for custom VAT/Tax you might pay in your country on deliver.

7. - If package was delivered and the goods were stolen, we are not responsible for that, we cover your loss only if package was not delivered or seized by the customs. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN FOR EMPTY OR HEAVILY DAMAGED PACKAGES.

8. - Payment options are: PayPal, Western Union, Money Transfer** and Credit/Debit card***

9. -  All our watches have a 6 month warranty, otherwise noted in the announcement. Warranty does not cover water damage.

10. - is taking privacy policy very seriously. Your details will never be facilitated to a third party for ANY reason.

* If you would like another shipping method than registered airmail to return your repaired watch, please contact us.

** If you pay by Western Union, you have 10% discount on your order

*** Your bank might charge some comission on the exchange rate as our prices are in USD please note that